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  • Ruthenian — may refer to:*Ruthenia, a name applied to various parts of Eastern Europe *Ruthenians, a historic ethnic group *Ruthenian Catholic Church, the sui iuris particular church united to the Bishop of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church *Ruthenian… …   Wikipedia

  • Ruthenian — 1850, of or pertaining to the Ukrainian people (earlier Ruthene, 1540s), from M.L. Rutheni the Little Russians, a derivative of Russi (see RUSSIA (Cf. Russia)). For consonant change, Cf. M.L. Prut(h)eni, from Prussi Prussians …   Etymology dictionary

  • Ruthenian — [ro͞othē′nē ən, ro͞othēn′yən] n. 1. a member of a group of Ukrainians living in Ruthenia and E Slovakia 2. the variety of Ukrainian spoken by the Ruthenians adj. of Ruthenia or its people, language, or culture …   English World dictionary

  • Ruthenian — /rooh thee nee euhn, theen yeuhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the Little Russians, esp. a division of them dwelling in Galicia, Ruthenia, and neighboring regions. n. 2. one of the Ruthenian people. 3. the dialect of Ukrainian spoken in Ruthenia …   Universalium

  • ruthenian — nēən noun ( s) Usage: capitalized Etymology: Ruthenia, a part of the Ukraine + English an 1. a. : one of a branch of the Little Russians formerly chiefly of Galicia in Austria and the eastern part of Czechoslovakia and recently annexed to the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ruthenian Rite — • There is no separate and distinct rite for the Ruthenians, but the name is often used for the modifications which the Ruthenians have introduced in the Byzantine or Greek Rite Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Ruthenian Rite      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Ruthenian nobility — can refer to: * Lithuanian nobility * Polish nobility ( szlachta ) * Russian nobility ( dvoryanstvo )See also: Ruthenia, Ruthenians …   Wikipedia

  • Ruthenian language — For other uses, see Ruthenian language (disambiguation). Rusyn language [disambiguation needed  ] …   Wikipedia

  • Ruthenian Catholic Church — The Ruthenian Catholic Church is a sui iuris (i.e., self governing) Catholic Church (see particular Church), which uses the Divine Liturgy of the Constantinopolitan Byzantine Eastern Rite. Its roots are among the Rusyns who lived in the region… …   Wikipedia

  • Ruthenian Voivodeship — Infobox Former Subdivision native name = Palatinatus Russiae conventional long name = Ruthenian Voivodeship common name = Ruthenia subdivision = Voivodeship nation = Poland sup1; image map caption = The Ruthenian Voivodeship in the Polish… …   Wikipedia

  • Ruthenian language (disambiguation) — The name Ruthenian language has sometimes been applied to:* Old East Slavic language, the language of Kievan Rus , ancestral to all modern East Slavic languages * Ruthenian language, an East Slavic language of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth,… …   Wikipedia

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