Any technique or instance of generating a new sample from an existing dataset.

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  • Resampling — is the digital process of changing the sample rate or dimensions of digital imagery or audio by temporally or areally analysing and sampling the original data.AudioAudio resampling is also called sample rate conversion. This operation in digital… …   Wikipedia

  • Resampling — (engl.) bzw. Stichprobewiederholung bezeichnet die Bestimmung der statistischen Eigenschaften von Stichprobenfunktionen, wie Schätzern oder Testgrößen auf Basis einer wiederholten Ziehung von Stichproben, sogenannten Unterstichproben, aus einer… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Resampling (statistics) — In statistics, resampling is any of a variety of methods for doing one of the following: # Estimating the precision of sample statistics (medians, variances, percentiles) by using subsets of available data (jackknife) or drawing randomly with… …   Wikipedia

  • resampling — v. sample again; take another sample, take an additional specimen …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Lanczos resampling — ( Lanzosh ) is a multivariate interpolation method used to compute new values for any digitally sampled data. It is often used to resize digital images, but could be used for any other digital signal. In the case of digital image resizing, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Particle filter — Particle filters, also known as sequential Monte Carlo methods (SMC), are sophisticated model estimation techniques based on simulation. They are usually used to estimate Bayesian models and are the sequential ( on line ) analogue of Markov chain …   Wikipedia

  • Bootstrapping (statistics) — In statistics, bootstrapping is a modern, computer intensive, general purpose approach to statistical inference, falling within a broader class of resampling methods.Bootstrapping is the practice of estimating properties of an estimator (such as… …   Wikipedia

  • Acutance — An image with artificially increased accutance Another illustration, where overshoot caused by using unsharp masking to sharpen the image (bottom half) increases acutance. In photogra …   Wikipedia

  • Varianzschätzer — In diesem Artikel oder Abschnitt fehlen folgende wichtige Informationen: In diesem Artikel wird als einzige Varianzschätzung die korrigierte Stichprobenvarianz erwähnt. Es fehlen konkrete Verfahren zur Schätzung der Varianz, die auf den… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Cornelius Lanczos — Lanczos redirects here. For resampling method, see Lanczos resampling. Cornelius Lanczos Born February 2, 1893(1893 02 02) Székesfehérvár Died …   Wikipedia

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