gear train

gear train
A system of interconnected gears.

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  • gear train — noun Two or more gearwheels, transmitting motion from one shaft to another • • • Main Entry: ↑gear …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gear train — A gear train is a set or system of gears arranged to transfer rotational torque from one part of a mechanical system to another.Gear trains consists of:*Driving gears attached to the input shaft*Driven gears/Motor gears attached to the inner… …   Wikipedia

  • gear train — krumpliaratinė perdava statusas T sritis automatika atitikmenys: angl. gear train; gear transmission; gearing vok. Zahnradübersetzung, f; Zahnradgetriebe, n; Zahnradtrieb, m rus. зубчатая передача, f pranc. commande par engrenages, f ryšiai:… …   Automatikos terminų žodynas

  • gear train — A system of gears that transmits drive from one shaft to another. Also see member of the gear train …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • gear train — noun a system of gears which transmits motion from one shaft to another …   English new terms dictionary

  • member of the gear train — sun gear, internal gear, and planet carrier are the members of a planetary gear train …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • epicyclic gear train — noun a system of epicyclic gears in which at least one wheel axis itself revolves about another fixed axis • Syn: ↑epicyclic train • Hypernyms: ↑gearing, ↑gear, ↑geartrain, ↑power train, ↑train • Par …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gear cutting — is any number of methods used to manufacture precision gears.Gear hobbing is a method by which a special hobbing anto cutter and gear blank are rotated at the same time to transfer the profile of the hob onto the gear blank.Spur and other… …   Wikipedia

  • Gear oil — is a motor oil made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. It is of a higher viscosity to better protect the gears and usually is associated with a strong sulfur smell. The… …   Wikipedia

  • planetary gear train — noun an assembly of meshed gears consisting of a central (sun) gear, a coaxial internal gear wheel and one or more intermediate pinions supported on a revolving carrier …   Wiktionary

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