card tart

card tart

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  • card tart — /ˈkad tat/ (say kahd taht) noun Colloquial → rate tart …  

  • credit card tart — noun A rate tart …   Wiktionary

  • credit card tart — noun Colloquial → rate tart …  

  • Tart (disambiguation) — Tart may mean: * Tart, a pastry dish, usually sweet in flavor, with an open top * Tart card, cards found in phone booths that advertise the services of call girls * The Tart, a British satirical newspaper * Tart (film), a 2001 film * Tart (Tokyo… …   Wikipedia

  • Tart card — Tart cards are cards placed in phone booths to advertise the services of call girls. They are most common in London (especially) but can be found elsewhere in the United Kingdom. They are typically placed in phone booths by professional carders …   Wikipedia

  • rate tart — noun A person who signs up for a credit card that has a special introductory offer, such as low or zero interest for a certain period, uses the card for the duration of the offer, then cancels the card and switches to another with a similar offer …   Wiktionary

  • rate tart — /ˈreɪt tat/ (say rayt taht) noun Colloquial someone who regularly changes their credit card provider, closing their credit card account when the low interest period offered by the provider is about to expire, applying for a new credit card with a …  

  • Calling card — may refer to:* Business card, a small card with business information that is given for convenience and as a memory aid * Calling card (crime), a signature token or characteristic of a crime used by a serial criminal * Tart card, an ad stuck to a… …   Wikipedia

  • Precognition — Premonition redirects here. For other meanings, see Premonition (disambiguation). Part of a series of articles on the paranormal Main articles Afterlife · Astral projection · Aura · Clairvoyance  …   Wikipedia

  • Stoozing — Stoozing, derived from the verb stooz, is a slang term used to describe the act of borrowing money at an interest rate of 0%, a rate typically offered by credit card companies as an incentive for new customers. The money is then placed in a high… …   Wikipedia

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