noun /hætˈʃɛpsʊt/
An ancient Egyptian queen (1508–1458 BCE).

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  • Hatshepsut — era una faraona egípcia del Reino Nuevo. Pertenecía a la dinastía XVIII alrededor se 1479 a.C. hasta aprox. 1458 a.C. (Heck: 1467 1445; Krauss: 1479 1458 a.C.). El nombre de Hatshepsut con el que se la reconoce hoy en día en principio era un… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Hatshepsut — Pharaoh Infobox Name=Hatshepsut Caption=Statue of Hatshepsut on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Reign=1479 ndash;1458 BC Dynasty=18th Dynasty Predecessor=Thutmose II Successor=Thutmose III Prenomen= Maatkare Truth Ma at is the Ka of Re… …   Wikipedia

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  • Hatshepsut — /hat shep sooht/, n. 1495 75 B.C., queen of Egypt. Also, Hatasu, Hatshepset /hat shep set/. * * * Queen of Egypt (с 1472–58 BC). Daughter of Thutmose I and wife of Thutmose II, she first acted as regent for her stepson, Thutmose III, but soon… …   Universalium

  • Hatshepsut — Ruler of Egypt 1503 1482 BC.     Hatshepsut was the daughter of *Tuthmosis I and Queen Ahmose, who was probably the younger sister of *Amenophis I. *Tuthmosis I s heir, his son *Tuthmosis II by a secondary queen Mutnefer, was married to… …   Ancient Egypt

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  • Hatshepsut — /hætˈʃɛpsʊt/ (say hat shepsoot) noun c.1512–c.1482 BC, Egyptian queen of the 18th dynasty, the only woman pharaoh …  

  • Hatshepsut — /hat shep sooht/, n. 1495 75 B.C., queen of Egypt. Also, Hatasu, Hatshepset /hat shep set/ …   Useful english dictionary

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