1. adjective /ˌproʊtɵˈθɪəriən/
Belonging or pertaining to the subclass Prototheria of monotremes.

It is evident that the Edentates are widely separated from all other existing Eutherians; and Professor W. K. Parker, in view of the tendency to a variation in the number of cervical vertebræ and other features, has suggested a separate origin from a Prototherian stock.

2. noun /ˌproʊtɵˈθɪəriən/
Any of the egg-laying mammals of the subclass Prototheria; a monotreme.

Monotremes (prototherians), which include the duck-billed platypus, and short- and long-beaked echidnas, have a cloaca—a single opening for the fecal, urinary, and reproductive tracts.

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