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  • Daylon Leveller — Original author(s) Ray Gardener Developer(s) Daylon Graphics Ltd. Stable release 4.0 / December 3, 2010; 10 months ago (2010 12 03) …   Wikipedia

  • Scene graph — A scene graph is a general data structure commonly used by vector based graphics editing applications and modern computer games. Examples of such programs include AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat 3D, OpenSceneGraph and CorelDRAW.The scene… …   Wikipedia

  • Parallax mapping — Example of parallax mapping. The walls are textured with parallax maps. Screenshot taken from one of the base examples of the open source Irrlicht 3d engine. Parallax mapping (also called offset mapping or virtual displacement mapping) is an… …   Wikipedia

  • POV-Ray — Infobox Software name = POV Ray caption = developer = The POV Team latest release version = 3.6 latest release date = October 03, 2004 latest preview version = 3.7.beta.29b latest preview date = october 03, 2008 operating system = Cross platform… …   Wikipedia

  • List of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics — This is a list of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics, by article name.* 2D computer graphics * 2D geometric model * 3D computer graphics * 3D projection * Alpha compositing * Anisotropic filtering * Anti aliasing * Axis aligned… …   Wikipedia

  • WinImages — Black Belt Systems WinImages is a bitmap graphics editor and special effects applicator that supports both automation of editing tasks and animation of effects. WinImages is a MDI application which runs under Windows 95 and later versions of… …   Wikipedia

  • Sauerbraten (video game) — Infobox VG title = Sauerbraten developer = Lee Salzman, Wouter van Oortmerssen, Mike Dysart, Robert Pointon [cite web | year=2008 | title=Sauerbraten Credits/Authors | url=http://sauerbraten.org/README.html#credits slash authors |… …   Wikipedia

  • Heightmap — This article is about modifying the geometry of surfaces or the illusion of this in computer graphics. For techniques which relate to recording distances from a viewpoint, see depth map. A heightmap created with Terragen …   Wikipedia

  • Demo effect — Demoscene Concepts Demo Intro Demoparty Effects Demogroup Compo Music disk Diskmag Module file …   Wikipedia

  • Frostbite Engine — Frostbite DX Engine is a game engine created by EA Digital Illusions CE, developers of the Battlefield series, for . Some of its known features include the ability to render (90%) destructible environments.Frostbite DX EngineDice developed the… …   Wikipedia

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