A coupling reaction in which two identical molecules react to form a different one
See Also: crosscoupling

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  • Negishi coupling — The Negishi coupling is a cross coupling reaction in organic chemistry involving an organozinc compound, an organic halide and a nickel or palladium catalyst creating a new carbon carbon covalent bond:[1][2] The halide X can be chloride, bromine… …   Wikipedia

  • Pinacol coupling reaction — A pinacol coupling reaction is an organic reaction in which a carbon carbon covalent bond is formed between the carbonyl groups of an aldehyde or a ketone in presence of an electron donor in a free radical process Ref|1. The reaction product is a …   Wikipedia

  • Barton-Kellogg reaction — The Barton Kellogg reaction is a coupling reaction between a ketone and a thioketone through a diazo intermediate forming an alkene.[1][2][3] …   Wikipedia

  • crosscoupling — noun A coupling reaction in which two different molecules react to form a third See Also: homocoupling …   Wiktionary

  • Tetramethylbutan — Strukturformel Allgemeines Name Tetramethylbutan Andere Namen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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