a) Pertaining to the epiglottis
b) Produced using the epiglottis

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  • Epiglottal — (12) epiglottal Epiglottal bezeichnet in der Phonetik einen Artikulationsort. Epiglottale Laute werden gebildet, indem die aryepiglottische Falte gegen den Epiglottis gedrückt wird. Das internationale phonetische Alphabet kennt drei epiglottale… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Epiglottal trill — Epiglottal consonants are often allophonically trilled, and in some languages the trill is the primary realization of the consonant. Although there is no official symbol for an epiglottal trill in the IPA, я (reversed IPA|ʀ, homographic to… …   Wikipedia

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  • Epiglottal flap — An epiglottal flap is not known to exist as a phoneme in any language. However, it exists as a voiced allophone of the voiceless epiglottal plosive IPA|ʡ, found between vowels in Dahalo and perhaps other languages.There is no dedicated symbol for …   Wikipedia

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