an apparatus composed of a wheel which spins inside of a frame (gimbal) and causes the balancing of the frame in any direction or position. In the form of a gyroscopic stabilizer, used to help keep aircraft and ships steady.

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  • gyroscope — [ ʒirɔskɔp ] n. m. • 1852; de gyro et scope ♦ Appareil comprenant un gyrostat et utilisant ses propriétés particulières, dues à la rapidité de son mouvement de rotation (fixité de l orientation de son axe, effet gyroscopique [précession],… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Gyroscope — Gy ro*scope (j[imac] r[ o]*sk[=o]p), n. [Gr. gy^ros ring, circle + scope.] 1. A rotating wheel, mounted in a ring or rings, for illustrating the dynamics of rotating bodies, the composition of rotations, etc. It was devised by Professor W. R.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • gyroscope — heavy rotating wheel with an axis free to turn in any direction, 1856, invented and named in French 1852 by Foucault, from Gk. gyros circle (see GYRE (Cf. gyre)) + skopos watcher (see SCOPE (Cf. scope) (1)), because the device demonstrates that… …   Etymology dictionary

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  • gyroscope — [jī′rō skōp΄, jī′rəskōp΄] n. [ GYRO + SCOPE] a wheel mounted in a set of rings so that its axis of rotation is free to turn in any direction: when the wheel is spun rapidly, it will keep the original direction of its rotation axis no matter which …   English World dictionary

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