bang around

bang around
To make a lot of percussive noise while doing an activity.

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  • bang around — ˌbang aˈbout/aˈround derived to move around noisily • We could hear the kids banging around upstairs. Main entry: ↑bangderived …   Useful english dictionary

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  • bang — bang1 [ bæŋ ] verb * 1. ) intransitive or transitive to hit something hard, making a loud noise: I banged on the window to get her attention. We could hear them banging their drums in the next street. bang something on/against something: She… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bang — I n. with a bang (the door slammed with a bang) II v. 1) (d; intr.) to bang against; into; on (she banged on the door; I banged into the wall) 2) (D; tr.) to bang against, on (he banged his head on the low ceiling) * * * [bæŋ] ( to fall ) to bang …   Combinatory dictionary

  • bang about — verb To make a lot of percussive noise while doing an activity. Syn: bang around …   Wiktionary

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