The practice of accusing someone of being a communist or even a socialist with the intention of discrediting his political views

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  • Red-baiting — is the act of accusing someone, or some group, of being communist, socialist or, in a broader sense, of being significantly more leftist at their core than they may appear at the outset. The term is used mainly with the intention of discrediting… …   Wikipedia

  • red-baiting — ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ noun Usage: often capitalized R Etymology: red (II) + baiting : the act of baiting or harassing as a red often in a malicious or irresponsible manner the increase of red baiting within the country in order to stifle even liberal… …   Useful english dictionary

  • red-baiting — /ˈrɛd beɪtɪŋ/ (say red bayting) noun Colloquial the act of denouncing or deprecating political opponents who are radical or left wing. –red baiter, noun …  

  • red-baiting — noun Usage: often capitalized R Date: 1928 the act of attacking or persecuting as a Communist or as communistic …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • red baiting — Synonyms and related words: Jim Crow, Jim Crow law, McCarthyism, anti Semitism, apartheid, black power, black supremacy, chauvinism, class consciousness, class distinction, class hatred, class prejudice, class war, color bar, color line,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • red-bait — ˈredˌbāt verb Usage: often capitalized R Etymology: back formation from red baiter & red baiting, n. intransitive verb : to engage in red baiting indignantly pointed out that he had never Red baited in his life W.E.Shelton transitive verb …   Useful english dictionary

  • Red Scare — Red Menace redirects here. For the 2007 Wildstorm Productions comic book series see Red Menace (comics).The term Red Scare has been retroactively applied to two distinct periods of strong anti Communism in United States history: first from 1917… …   Wikipedia

  • red-bait|er — «REHD BAY tuhr», noun. a person who is given to red baiting …   Useful english dictionary

  • red-bait — verb Usage: often capitalized R Date: 1940 transitive verb to subject (as a person or group) to red baiting intransitive verb to engage in red baiting • red baiter noun, often capitalized R …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • red-baiter — noun A person who practices red baiting …   Wiktionary

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