Any of the 2,606 topologically distinct convex polyhedra that have nine faces.

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  • nonahedron — /nɒnəˈhidrən/ (say nonuh heedruhn) noun (plural nonahedrons or nonahedra /nɒnəˈhidrə/ (say nonuh heedruh)) → enneahedron. {Latin nonus nine + hedron} …  

  • enneahedron — /ɛniəˈhidrən/ (say eneeuh heedruhn) noun (plural enneahedrons or enneahedra /ɛniəˈhidrə/ (say eneeuh heedruh)) a geometrical solid figure with nine faces; nonahedron. {Greek ennea nine + hedron} …  

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