wool wax

wool wax

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  • wool wax — noun : wool grease * * * wool wax, = wool fat. (Cf. ↑wool fat) …   Useful english dictionary

  • wax — wax1 waxable, adj. waxlike, adj. /waks/, n. 1. Also called beeswax. a solid, yellowish, nonglycerine substance allied to fats and oils, secreted by bees, plastic when warm and melting at about 145°F, variously employed in making candles, models,… …   Universalium

  • Wax — For other uses, see Wax (disambiguation). Cetyl palmitate, a typical wax ester …   Wikipedia

  • wool grease — noun a yellow viscous animal oil extracted from wool; a mixture of fatty acids and esters; used in some ointments and cosmetics • Syn: ↑lanolin, ↑wool fat • Hypernyms: ↑animal oil • Substance Holonyms: ↑ointment, ↑unction, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • wool grease — noun Lanolin. Syn: wool fat, wool wax …   Wiktionary

  • wool fat — noun Lanolin. Syn: wool wax, wool grease …   Wiktionary

  • wool grease — n a fatty slightly sticky wax coating the surface of the fibers of sheep s wool that is used as a source of lanolin compare WOOL FAT …   Medical dictionary

  • Wax Carving — Casting Waxes = There are a wide variety of wax types used in the lost wax casting process. Generally they fall into three main types, soft, hard and injection waxes. Injection waxes are made and intended to be used for injecting wax under… …   Wikipedia

  • wax — Synonyms and related words: accrue, accumulate, advance, aluminum oxide, ambergris, anoint, antifriction, appreciate, augment, auto polish, balloon, bear fruit, beeswax, black lead, bloat, bloom, blossom, blubber, boom, boost, breakthrough, breed …   Moby Thesaurus

  • wax — 1. A thick, tenacious substance, plastic at room temperature, secreted by bees for building the cells of their honeycomb. SYN: beeswax, cera. 2. Any substance with physical properties similar to those of beeswax, of animal, vegetable …   Medical dictionary

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