Of the heart and the kidney.

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  • cardiorenal — Relating to the heart and the kidney. SYN: cardionephric, nephrocardiac, renicardiac. * * * car·dio·re·nal rēn əl adj of or relating to the heart and the kidneys <cardiorenal disorders> * * * car·dio·re·nal (kahr″de o reґnəl)… …   Medical dictionary

  • cardiorenal — adj. of or pertaining to the heart and kidneys …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nephrocardiac — SYN: cardiorenal. [nephro + G. kardia, heart] * * * neph·ro·car·di·ac (nef″ro kahrґde ak) cardiorenal …   Medical dictionary

  • Urotensin-II receptor — The urotensin II receptor (also referred to as the hypocretin receptor) is a G protein coupled receptor which binds the peptide hormone urotensin II.cite journal | author = Douglas SA, Dhanak D, Johns DG | title = From gills to pills : urotensin… …   Wikipedia

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  • cardionephric — SYN: cardiorenal. * * * car·dio·neph·ric (kahr″de o nefґrik) pertaining to the heart and the kidney …   Medical dictionary

  • mersalyl — Sodium salt of (3 hydroxymercuric 2 methoxypropyl)salicylamide O acetic acid; a mercurial diuretic. SYN: mercuramide. m. acid a mixture of o carboxymethylsalicyl (3 hydroxymercuric 2 methoxypropyl)amide and its anhydrides; same use as m.. m.… …   Medical dictionary

  • renicardiac — SYN: cardiorenal. [reni + G. kardia, heart] …   Medical dictionary

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