A theory that attempts to unify the fundamental physical forces and which proposes a physical symmetry between bosons and fermions

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  • supersymmetry — [so͞o΄pər sim′ə trē] n. Nuclear Physics any of various mathematical theories that attempt to unify all the forces and subatomic particles of nature supersymmetric [so͞o΄pərsi me′trik] adj …   English World dictionary

  • Supersymmetry — In particle physics, supersymmetry (often abbreviated SUSY) is a symmetry that relates elementary particles of one spin to another particle that differs by half a unit of spin and are known as superpartners. In other words, in a supersymmetric… …   Wikipedia

  • supersymmetry — /sooh peuhr sim i tree/, n. Physics. a hypothetical symmetry among groups of particles containing fermions and bosons, esp. in theories of gravity (supergravity) that unify electromagnetism, the weak force, and the strong force with gravity into… …   Universalium

  • supersymmetry — supersimetrija statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. supersymmetry vok. Supersymmetrie, f rus. суперсимметрия, f pranc. supersymétrie, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • supersymmetry — noun (physics) a theory that tries to link the four fundamental forces according to supersymmetry each force emerged separately during the big bang • Topics: ↑physics, ↑natural philosophy • Hypernyms: ↑scientific theory …   Useful english dictionary

  • Supersymmetry nonrenormalization theorems — In theoretical physics a nonrenormalization theorem is a limitation on how a certain quantity in the classical description of a quantum field theory may be modified by renormalization in the full quantum theory. Renormalization theorems are… …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry breaking scale — In particle physics, supersymmetry breaking scale is the energy scale where supersymmetry breaking takes place.If supersymmetry fully solves the hierarchy problem, this scale should not be far from 1000 GeV, and therefore it should be accessible… …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry as a quantum group — The concept in theoretical physics of supersymmetry can be reinterpretated in the language of noncommutative geometry and quantum groups. In particular, it involves a mild form of noncommutativity, namely supercommutativity. ( 1)F Let s look at… …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry breaking — In particle physics, supersymmetry breaking is the process to obtain a seemingly non supersymmetric physics from a supersymmetric theory which is a necessary step to reconcile supersymmetry with actual experiments. It is an example of spontaneous …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry algebra — In theoretical physics, a supersymmetry algebra (or SUSY algebra) is a symmetry algebra incorporating supersymmetry, a relation between bosons and fermions. In a supersymmetric world, every boson would have a partner fermion of equal rest… …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry (Angel) — Infobox Television episode Title = Supersymmetry Series = Angel Caption = {Caption|} Season = 4 Episode = 05 Airdate = November 3, 2002 Production = 4ADH05 Writer = Elizabeth Craft Sarah Fain Director = Bill L. Norton Guests = Andy Hallett… …   Wikipedia

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