any diastereoisomer that has the opposite configuration at only one of the stereogenic centres

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  • epimer — EPIMÉR s.m. (chim.) Fiecare dintre cei doi izomeri ai unei monozaharide. [< fr. épimère]. Trimis de LauraGellner, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DN  EPIMÉR s. m. fiecare dintre cei doi izomeri ai unei monozaharide, care diferă între ei prin configuraţia… …   Dicționar Român

  • Epimer — Als Epimer bezeichnet man in der Chemie: ein Paar von Diastereoisomeren eines Moleküls, siehe Isomerie#Diastereomerie in der Biologie: eine Platte des Chitinskeletts der Gliederfüßer Diese Seite ist eine Begriffsklä …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • epimer — noun Etymology: epi + isomer Date: circa 1911 either of two stereoisomers that differ in the arrangement of groups on a single asymmetric carbon atom (as the first chiral center of a sugar s carbon chain) • epimeric adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Epimer — In chemistry, epimers are diastereomers that differ in configuration of only one stereogenic center. Diastereomers are a class of stereoisomers that are non superimposable, non mirror images of one another, unlike enantiomers which are non… …   Wikipedia

  • epimer — Diastereomeric monosaccharides that have opposite configurations of a hydroxyl group at only one position, eg. D glucose and D mannose …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • epimer — epimeric /ep euh mer ik/, adj. /ep euh meuhr/, n. Chem. either of a pair of isomeric aldose compounds, esp. of certain sugars, that differ from each other in the positions of the H and OH at the second atom from the end of the carbon chain, as d… …   Universalium

  • epimer — One of two molecules (having more than one chiral center) differing only in the spatial arrangement about a single chiral atom; e.g., α d glucose and α d galactose (with respect to carbon 4). See sugars. Cf.:anomer. [epi + G. meros, part] * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • Epimer — E|pi|mer [Kurzw. aus ↑ epi (2) u. ↑ Isomer], das; s, e, fachspr. auch: E|pi|me|re, das; n, n: Bez. für diastereoisomere Verb. (↑ Diastereoisomerie), die an einem von zwei oder mehreren ↑ asymmetrischen Atomen (Chiralitätszentren) eine… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • epimer — n. type of aldose compound (Chemistry) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • epimer — [ ɛpɪmə] noun Chemistry each of two isomers with different configurations of atoms about one of several asymmetric carbon atoms present. Derivatives epimeric mɛrɪk adjective epimerism ɪ pɪm , ɛ noun …   English new terms dictionary

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