The science that uses the spacing between the annual growth-rings of trees to date their exact year of formation.

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  • dendrochronology — dating by tree rings, 1928; see DENDRO (Cf. dendro ) + CHRONOLOGY (Cf. chronology) …   Etymology dictionary

  • dendrochronology — ☆ dendrochronology [den′drōkrə näl′ə jē, den′drəkrə näl′ə jē ] n. the science of dating past events or climatic changes by a comparative study of growth rings in tree trunks dendrochronological [den′drōkrän΄ə läj′i kəl, den′drəkrän΄ə läj′i kəl]… …   English World dictionary

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  • dendrochronology —   observation of a core or cross section of a tree trunk shows a pattern of essentially concentric rings, each representing a year of growth. The number of rings can therefore be used to date the tree. Further, wider rings (higher rate of growth) …   Geography glossary

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  • dendrochronology — den·dro·chronology …   English syllables

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