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  • Constraint algorithm — In mechanics, a constraint algorithm is a method for satisfying constraints for bodies that obey Newton s equations of motion. There are three basic approaches to satisfying such constraints: choosing novel unconstrained coordinates ( internal… …   Wikipedia

  • Micro SPIDER — is an implementation of Spectral phase interferometry for direct electric field reconstruction (SPIDER). It has also been termed ARAIGNEE (Another Ridiculous Acronym for Interferometric Geometrically simplified Noniterative E field Extraction). In… …   Wikipedia

  • noniteratively — adverb In a noniterative manner …   Wiktionary

  • iterative — adjective /ˈɪtərətɪv,ˈɪtərˌeɪtɪv/ a) Of a procedure that involves repetition of steps (iteration) to achieve the desired outcome; in computing this may involve a mechanism such as a loop. b) Expressive of an action that is repeated with frequency …   Wiktionary

  • iterative aspect — noun The iterative aspect refers to a subclass of imperfective verbs that denotes a continuously repeated action. An example in English would be the iterative verb to sniffle, as opposed to the noniterative to sniff. Syn: frequentative …   Wiktionary

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