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  • Choriocarcinoma — Classification and external resources ICD 10 C58 ICD 9 181 …   Wikipedia

  • Choriocarcinoma — A highly malignant tumor that arises from trophoblastic cells within the uterus. Choriocarcinoma tends to be invasive and to metastasize early and widely through both the venous and lymphatic systems. Choriocarcinoma is one of the two types of… …   Medical dictionary

  • choriocarcinoma — noun Etymology: New Latin, from chorion + carcinoma Date: 1901 a malignant tumor typically developing in the uterus from the trophoblast …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • choriocarcinoma — Malignant tumour of trophoblast …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • choriocarcinoma — /kawr ee oh kahr seuh noh meuh, kohr /, n., pl. choriocarcinomas, choriocarcinomata / meuh teuh/. Pathol. chorioma. [1900 05; CHORIO + CARCINOMA] * * * …   Universalium

  • choriocarcinoma — n. benign or malignant tumor of the uterus or testes …   English contemporary dictionary

  • choriocarcinoma — [ˌkɔ:rɪə(ʊ)ˌkα:sɪ nəʊmə, kɒrɪəʊ ] noun (plural choriocarcinomas or choriocarcinomata mətə) Medicine a malignant tumour of the uterus originating in the fetal chorion …   English new terms dictionary

  • choriocarcinoma — cho·rio·carcinoma …   English syllables

  • choriocarcinoma — chorionepithelioma; n. a rare malignant tumour of the placenta originating in the outer membrane (chorion) surrounding the fetus. Usually it is a complication of a hydatidiform mole, although it may follow a miscarriage or even a normal pregnancy …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • choriocarcinoma — A malignant, fast growing tumor that develops from trophoblastic cells (cells that help an embryo attach to the uterus and help form the placenta). Almost all choriocarcinomas form in the uterus after fertilization of an egg by a sperm, but a… …   English dictionary of cancer terms

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