1. noun
a) A series of drawings that lay out the sequence of scenes in a film, especially an animated one.

The storyboard process helps promote brainstorming, highlights missing tasks, and allows the team to incorporate changes prior to traveling too far down a particular path. — By Cheryl A. Malloy & William Cooley, NASA & SAIC [ here]

b) Any sequence of drawings or diagrams which to illustrate a sequence of events, e.g. in an accident or as a flowsheet for computer programming.
To create and arrange storyboard drawings.

Storyboarding allows students to work together as they generate ideas and eliminates the territorial defensiveness that often occurs when new ideas are suggested. — "Using Storyboarding to Determine components of Dellness for University Students" J Am Coll Health. 1996 Jan;44(4):180-3 [ Abstract]

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