Dutch reckoning

Dutch reckoning
a) A (falsified) bill that is not itemised, and that is unjustifiably high<!, and which is increased if disputed).

As if all Light of Reasoning were so shut up in Clavius his Brain, that because he does not see, the rest of Mankind must be blind; and what is that way of Reasoning that he betakes himself to, but by huddling the Principles of Geometry into Confusion, without order of method of Reasoning, to make a Conclusion, like a Dutch Reckoning of Allem-al<!sic?

"You knows we never took Mikes duds till you couldnt pay his charges any longer; and since we comes to that, theres two weeks of three shillings and sixpence due for your lodging in the Star-Chamber, for yourself and Master Lionel Falconer, which I supposes you means to pay with a Dutch reckoning: you sees I can speak some names right enough,&mdash;dye take me,&mdash;hey?" and with an ill-natured leer he left the hall.

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