Having a normal percentage of potassium in ones blood.
See Also: normokalemia

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  • normokalemic — nor·mo·ka·le·mic or chiefly Brit nor·mo·ka·lae·mic .nȯr mō kā lē mik adj having or characterized by a normal concentration of potassium in the blood <normokalemic patients> …   Medical dictionary

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  • hypokalemic — adjective Having a low percentage of potassium in ones blood. Ant: hyperkalemic, normokalemic See Also: hypokalemia …   Wiktionary

  • hyperkalemic — adjective Having a high percentage of potassium in ones blood. Ant: hypokalemic, normokalemic See Also: hyperkalemia …   Wiktionary

  • normokalemia — noun The state of having a normal concentration of potassium in ones blood. See Also: normokalemic …   Wiktionary

  • normokalemia — nor·mo·ka·le·mia (nor″mo kə leґme ə) [normo + L. kalium potassium + emia] a normal level of potassium in the blood. normokalemic adj …   Medical dictionary

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