a) The pouring of liquid.
b) A method of Christian baptism where water is poured on the head of the person being baptized.

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  • affusion — [ afyzjɔ̃ ] n. f. • 1546; bas lat. affusio ♦ Procédé thérapeutique consistant à verser de l eau (froide ou chaude) sur une partie du corps. ● affusion nom féminin (latin affusio, de affundere, répandre) Procédé d hydrothérapie consistant à verser …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Affusion — (la. affusio ) is a method of baptism where water is poured on the head of the person being baptized. The word affusion comes from the Latin affusio , meaning to pour on [ [ Affusion ]… …   Wikipedia

  • Affusion — Af*fu sion ([a^]f*f[=u] zh[u^]n), n. [Cf. F. affusion.] The act of pouring upon, or sprinkling with a liquid, as water upon a child in baptism. Specifically: (Med) The act of pouring water or other fluid on the whole or a part of the body, as a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Affusion — (v. lat.), Zuguß, Aufguß …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • affusion — [ə fyo͞o′zhən, afyo͞o′zhən] n. [ML affusio < L affusus, pp. of affundere < ad , to + fundere, to pour: see FOUND3] a pouring on, as of water in baptism …   English World dictionary

  • affusion — (a ffu zion) s. f. Terme de médecine. Moyen thérapeutique qui consiste à verser en nappe et seulement de quelques centimètres de hauteur une certaine quantité d eau sur une partie du corps. L affusion diffère de la douche, en ce que, pour celle… …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • affusion — noun Etymology: Late Latin affusion , affusio, from Latin affundere to pour on, from ad + fundere to pour more at found Date: 1615 an act of pouring a liquid on (as in baptism) …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • affusion — /euh fyooh zheuhn/, n. the pouring on of water or other liquid, as in the rite of baptism. [1605 15; < LL affusion (s. of affusio a pouring upon), equiv. to affus(us) (ptp. of affundere; see AF , FUSE2) + ion ION] * * * …   Universalium

  • Affusion —    The pouring (which the word means) of water on the recipient of Baptism, when the Baptism is not by immersion. Questions have arisen from the very earliest ages as to the matter and form with which this Sacrament is to be administered. The… …   American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • affusion — Pouring of water upon the body or any of its parts for therapeutic purposes. [L. af fundo, to pour into] …   Medical dictionary

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