b) secularized

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  • laicized — laicize (Amer.) la·i·cize || leɪɪsaɪz v. change from religious to secular; remove the religious element, secularize; remove clerical status or character from (also laicise) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Defrocking — laicization redirects here. For laicization meaning secularization, see secularization. To defrock, unfrock, or laicize ministers or priests is to remove their rights to exercise the functions of the ordained ministry. This may be due to criminal …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord — Charles de Talleyrand Périgord Talleyrand by Pierre Paul Prud hon 1st Prime Minister of France In office 9 July 1815 – 26 Sept …   Wikipedia

  • Neil Horan — at the Climate Camp, August 2009 Cornelius Neil Horan, sometimes referred to as The Grand Prix Priest or The Dancing Priest (born April 22, 1947), is a laicized Irish Roman Catholic clergyman who is noted for his interference with the running of… …   Wikipedia

  • Dale Fushek — (born 1952) is the leader of the Praise and Worship Center in Chandler, Arizona and the former Vicar General of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. In 2005 he was charged with 10 criminal misdemeanor counts related to alleged sexual contact… …   Wikipedia

  • Laicization — • The term laity signifies the aggregation of those Christians who do not form part of the clergy. Consequently the word lay does not strictly connote any idea of hostility towards the clergy or the Church much less towards religion. Laicization …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete — The Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete is a Latin Rite, Catholic religious congregation of men dedicated to ministry to priests and Brothers with personal difficulties. The congregation was founded in 1947 by Father Gerald Fitzgerald… …   Wikipedia

  • laicize — transitive verb (laicized; laicizing) Date: 1870 1. to reduce to lay status 2. to put under the direction of or open to the laity • laicization noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Clerical celibacy — is the discipline by which some or all members of the clergy in certain religions are required to be unmarried. Since these religions consider deliberate sexual thoughts, feelings, and behavior outside of marriage to be sinful, clerical celibacy… …   Wikipedia

  • Roman Catholicism's links with political authorities — The Roman Catholic Church has had constantly evolving relationships with various forms of government, some of them controversial in retrospect. In its history it has had to deal with various concepts and systems of governance, from the Roman… …   Wikipedia

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