1. noun /təˈbɒɡ.ən,təˈbɑːɡ.ən/
a) A long sled without runners, with the front end curled upwards, which may be pulled across snow by a cord or used to coast down hills.

Toboggan has not yet found its Way into the dictionaries, and there are other ways of spelling it.

b) A similar sled of wood, pulled by dogs, possibly with steel runners, made to transport cargo.

Nothing could be more exciting and exhilarating than a slide, on sleigh or toboggan, from the lofty summit of the ice-mound or cone down to its base.

Syn: sled, sledge, cariole, carriole
2. verb /təˈbɒɡ.ən,təˈbɑːɡ.ən/
a) to slide down a hill on a toboggan or other object

Mr. Macaulay, the landlord, insisted upon trying to "toboggan" us down the mountain on the saddle cloth of one of the horses, an attempt that ended of course in disaster, for the surface was much too small for the three of us, and the snow too soft for the purpose.

b) to go downhill unstoppably until one reaches the bottom.

The aspect of this patient was greatly changed for the better; she was able to skate, toboggan, and mount 500 feet of Maloja Pass without fatigue.

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