A proponent of Nasserism.

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  • Nasserist Socialist Vanguard Party — Symbol of the party. Displays a Pan Arab map and the flag of the United Arab Republic. Below the map are the Latin letters P.V.S.N. , seemingly an incorrect English acronym of the party. The Arab nationalist slogan Freedom Socialism Unity is… …   Wikipedia

  • Nasserist Unionists Movement — The Nasserist Unionists Movement – NUM or Nasserite Unification Movement (Arabic: حركة الوحدويين الناصريين‎; Al Harakat Al Tawhidiya Al Nassiriya) is a minor Lebanese political party headed by Samir Sabbagh. It was founded in 1982 out from a… …   Wikipedia

  • Arab Democratic Nasserist Party — الحزب العربى الديمقراطى الناصرى Chairman Diaa Eldin Daoud Founded April 19, 1992 Headquarters Cairo Newspaper Al Arabi Newspaper …   Wikipedia

  • ARAB WORLD, 1945–2006 — The Arab world is divided into four subregions: the Maghreb (morocco , tunisia , algeria , libya , Mauritania), the Nile Valley (egypt and Sudan), the Fertile Crescent (syria , lebanon , iraq , jordan , and the palestinian authority ), and the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Nasserism — Ideology Arab nationalism, Pan Arabism, Arab socialism …   Wikipedia

  • Baath Party — Infobox Political party name english = Arab Socialist Baath Party name native = حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي leader = president = leader1 name = foundation = 1940 headquarters = Damascus (of the Syria based party) newspaper = youth wing =… …   Wikipedia

  • List of political parties in Egypt — By its constitution, Egypt has a multi party system, however in practice the National Democratic Party is the long time ruling party and is dominant in the Egyptian political arena. Opposition parties are allowed, but are widely considered to… …   Wikipedia

  • People's Assembly of Egypt — Egyptian People s Assembly مجلس الشعب المصري Magles El Sha b El Masri Type …   Wikipedia

  • Arab Socialist Union — The Arab Socialist Union ( ar. الاتّحاد الاشتراكى العربى, unicode| al Ittiḥād al Ištirākī l ʿArabī ; French: L Union Socialiste Arabe ) is one of a number of loosely related political parties based on the principles of Nasserist Arab socialism in …   Wikipedia

  • Ba'ath Party — For the Party s predecessor named Ba ath , see Arab Ba ath Movement. Arab Socialist Ba ath Party حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي Founded …   Wikipedia

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