Opposed to psychiatry.

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  • Antipsychiatry movement —    Early in the 1960s, as part of the general intellectual tumult of the time, a protest movement arose against psychiatry. Members of the movement were by no means all in agreement about doctrine; some argued that there was no such thing as… …   Historical dictionary of Psychiatry

  • antipsychiatry —   n. treatment of mental illness not relying on drugs, etc …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • АНТИПСИХИАТРИЯ — (antipsychiatry) движение, направленное как против практики, так и теории стандартной психиатрии и имевшее влияние особенно в 60 х начале 70 х гг. Связанная с деятельностью Р.Д. Лейнга (1959) в Англии и Томаса Сцасца в США, антипсихиатрия… …   Большой толковый социологический словарь

  • History of anti-psychiatry — Anti psychiatry is a movement and a diverse set of theories and practices, that challenges and stands in contrast to the fundamental theories and practices of psychiatry. Psychiatry is the field of medicine concerned with diagnosing, treating and …   Wikipedia

  • Mental disorder — Classification and external resources Eight women representing prominent mental diagnoses in the 19th century. (Armand Gautier) ICD 10 F …   Wikipedia

  • Антипсихиатрия — Проверить нейтральность. На странице обсуждения должны быть подробности. Антипсихиатрия международное движение и теоретические концепции, сформировавшиеся на фоне социальной нестабильности в начале …   Википедия

  • Anti-psychiatry — See also: Biopsychiatry controversy Anti psychiatry refers to a post 1960s configuration of groups and theoretical constructs hostile to most of the fundamental assumptions and practices of psychiatry. Its igniting influences were Michel Foucault …   Wikipedia

  • Consumer/Survivor/Ex-Patient Movement — The Consumer/Survivor/Ex Patient Movement, also known as the User/Survivor Movement, is a diverse association of individuals (and organizations representing them) who are either currently consumers (clients) of mental health services, or who… …   Wikipedia

  • MindFreedom International — A banner ad for MindFreedom International MindFreedom International is an international coalition of over one hundred grassroots groups and thousands of individual members from fourteen nations. It was founded in 1990 to advocate against forced… …   Wikipedia

  • Scientology and psychiatry — Scientology has come into conflict with psychiatry since the foundation of Scientology in 1952. Scientology is publicly, and often vehemently, opposed to both psychiatry and psychology. [ [… …   Wikipedia

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