prone to argue or dispute

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  • argumentative — I adjective belligerent, characterized by argument, combative, contentious, dialectical, discordant, disputatious, dissentient, eristic, eristical, factious, given to controversy, litigious, logomachic, logomachical, petulant, pilpulistic,… …   Law dictionary

  • Argumentative — is an evidentiary objection raised in response to a question which prompts a witness to draw inferences from facts of the case. An argumentative objection is raised as badgering the witness. Often, argumentative questions do not seek to establish …   Wikipedia

  • Argumentative — Ar gu*men ta*tive, a. 1. Consisting of, or characterized by, argument; containing a process of reasoning; as, an argumentative discourse. [1913 Webster] 2. Adductive as proof; indicative; as, the adaptation of things to their uses is… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • argumentative — (adj.) mid 15c., pertaining to arguments, from O.Fr. argumentatif or directly from L. argumentat , pp. stem of argumentari (see ARGUE (Cf. argue)) + IVE (Cf. ive). Meaning fond of arguing is recorded from 1660s. Related: Argumentatively;… …   Etymology dictionary

  • argumentative — [adj] wanting to quarrel belligerent, combative, contentious, contrary, controversial, disputatious, factious, fire eating, having a chip on one’s shoulder*, litigious, opinionated, pugnacious, quarrelsome, salty, scrappy, spiky, touchy; concept… …   New thesaurus

  • argumentative — ► ADJECTIVE 1) given to arguing. 2) using or characterized by systematic reasoning. DERIVATIVES argumentatively adverb argumentativeness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • argumentative — [är′gyəmen′tə tiv] adj. 1. of or containing argument; controversial 2. apt to argue; contentious: Also argumentive argumentatively adv …   English World dictionary

  • argumentative — [[t]ɑ͟ː(r)gjʊme̱ntətɪv[/t]] ADJ GRADED (disapproval) Someone who is argumentative is always ready to disagree or start quarrelling with other people. Great chess players have a reputation for being both eccentric and argumentative... You re in an …   English dictionary

  • argumentative — argumentatively, adv. argumentativeness, n. /ahr gyeuh men teuh tiv/, adj. 1. fond of or given to argument and dispute; disputatious; contentious: The law students were an unusually argumentative group. 2. of or characterized by argument;… …   Universalium

  • argumentative — ar|gu|men|ta|tive [ˌa:gjuˈmentətıv US ˌa:r ] adj someone who is argumentative often argues or likes arguing ▪ He quickly becomes argumentative after a few drinks …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • argumentative — adjective someone who is argumentative often argues or likes arguing: When he drinks he becomes argumentative …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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