carob gum

carob gum

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  • carob gum — noun : a gummy substance made from carob flour …   Useful english dictionary

  • Carob tree — Taxobox name = Carob Tree image width = 270px image caption = Carob pods ( top , unripe; bottom , ripe) image2 width = 270px image2 caption = Carob leaflets regnum = Plantae divisio = Magnoliophyta classis = Magnoliopsida ordo = Fabales familia …   Wikipedia

  • carob flour — noun : a powder extracted from the fruit of the carob tree and used in the pharmaceutical, textile, and food industries as a thickener, stabilizer, and sizing agent called also locust bean gum powder …   Useful english dictionary

  • Locust bean gum — (also known as carob gum, carob bean gum, carobin, E410) is a galactomannan vegetable gum extracted from the seeds of the Carob tree. It is used as a thickening agent and gelling agent in food technology. It is soluble in hot water. [Martin… …   Wikipedia

  • locust bean gum — noun a vegetable gum extracted from the seeds of the carob (locust beans) and used as a food additive; chemically, it is a galactomannan Syn: carob gum, carubin, E410, thickener, stabiliser, gelling agent …   Wiktionary

  • locust bean gum — noun : carob gum …   Useful english dictionary

  • Natural gum — Natural gums are polysaccharides of natural origin, capable of causing a large viscosity increase in solution, even at small concentrations. In the food industry they are used as thickening agents, gelling agents, emulsifying agents, and… …   Wikipedia

  • locust bean gum powder — noun or locust bean flour : carob flour …   Useful english dictionary

  • Galactomannan — Galactomannans are polysaccharides consisting of a mannose backbone with galactose side groups (more specifically, a (1 4) linked beta D mannopyranose backbone with branchpoints from their 6 positions linked to alpha D galactose, i.e. 1 6 linked… …   Wikipedia

  • resin — Synonyms and related words: Canada balsam, Sonora lac, acacia, agar, amber, ambergris, ammoniac, amyrin, anime, balsam, bassorin, benjamin, benzoin, camphor, carob gum, carrageenin, chewing gum, chicle, colophony, copaiba, copal, copaline, dammar …   Moby Thesaurus

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