1. adjective /əˈɹʷɒθ/
Wrathful; incensed; enraged; irate.

‛Tis an old story: Might awrath with right: A nation conquered and her shrines o’erthrown;Her chieftains flying seaward in the night, And not a trumpet of departure blown.

2. noun /əˈɹʷɒθ/

Moroni expected no positive response, saying, “Ye have once rejected these things, and have fought against the people of the Lord, even so I may expect you will do it again. And now behold, we are prepared to receive you; yea, and except you withdraw your purposes, behold, ye will pull down the awrath of that God whom you have rejected upon you, even to your utter destruction” (v. 8–9).

b) Those parts of one’s body which must be covered for decency — the area from the navel to the knee for a man, the entire body apart from the hands and the face for a woman.

AWRATH of a male is between the naval<! [sic] and the knee.AWRATH of a female — is all the parts of the body excepting the face and the hands.

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