noun /ˈfɹækɑː,ˈfɹeɪkəs/

And I recall also some years ago, Mr Rayne, who travelled to America as valet to Sir Reginals Mauvis, remarking that a taxi driver in New York regularly addressed his fare in a manner which if repeated in London would end in some sort of fracas, if not in the fellow being frogmarched to the nearest police station.

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  • fracas — [ fraka ] n. m. • 1475 « rupture violente »; it. fracasso → fracasser 1 ♦ Bruit qui résulte d une rupture violente, de chocs; par ext. Bruit violent. Le fracas de l orage, des vagues. ⇒ vacarme. Le jeune homme « laissa tout tomber par terre, avec …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • fracas — FRACAS. s. m. Rupture, ou fracture avec bruit & violence. Horrible fracas. espouventable fracas. grand fracas. estrange fracas. le vent a fait un grand fracas dans cette forest. le tonnerre a tombé sur une Eglise & a fait un grand fracas. Il se… …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

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  • fracas — meaning ‘a noisy disturbance’, is pronounced frak ah in BrE and fray kǝs in AmE. Its plural form is also fracas, pronounced frak ahz and fray kǝs respectively …   Modern English usage

  • Fracas — Fra cas (fr[=a] kas; F. fr[.a] k[aum] ; 277), n. [F., crash, din, tumult, It. fracasso, fr. fracassare to break in pieces, perh. fr. fra within, among (L. infra) + cassare to annul, cashier. Cf. {Cashier}, v. t.] An uproar; a noisy quarrel; a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • fracas — I noun affray, altercation, battle, bickering, blows, brawl, breach of the peace, broil, clash, commotion, conflict, contention, disagreement, discord, dispute, dissension, disturbance, fight, fray, fuss, jangle, jar, melee, noisy quarrel,… …   Law dictionary

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