noun /ˈeə(ɹ).əˌfɔɪl/
a) A structure shaped to produce lift when moving in air.
b) A wing of an aircraft.

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  • Aerofoil — A [ e]r*o*foil , n. [A[ e]ro + foil.] A plane or arched surface for sustaining bodies by its movement through the air; a spread wing, as of a bird. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • aerofoil — (n.) 1907, from AERO (Cf. aero ) + FOIL (Cf. foil) (n.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • aerofoil — ► NOUN Brit. ▪ a structure designed to give the most favourable ratio of lift to drag in flight …   English terms dictionary

  • aerofoil — UK [ˈeərəˌfɔɪl] / US [ˈerəˌfɔɪl] noun [countable] Word forms aerofoil : singular aerofoil plural aerofoils physics British a curved part on an aircraft s wing that helps it to rise in the air. The American word is airfoil …   English dictionary

  • aerofoil engineer — aerodinaminių profilių inžinierius statusas T sritis profesijos apibrėžtis Inžinierius, kuris specializuojasi mažo aerodinaminio pasipriešinimo profilių kūrimo ir įdiegimo srityje. atitikmenys: angl. aerofoil engineer; airfoil engineer pranc.… …   Inžinieriai, technikai ir technologai. Trikalbis aiškinamasis žodynėlis

  • aerofoil — noun Date: 1907 chiefly British airfoil …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • aerofoil — modified pectoral and pelvic fins used for gliding …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • aerofoil — /air euh foyl /, n. Brit. airfoil. [AERO + FOIL2] * * * …   Universalium

  • aerofoil — aer·o·foil || eÉ™rəʊfɔɪl n. wing of an airplane …   English contemporary dictionary

  • aerofoil — noun Brit. a structure with curved surfaces designed to give the most favourable ratio of lift to drag in flight …   English new terms dictionary

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