1. noun /eɪ,æɪ,æ/
The best grade; superiority.

The burgers here are grade a number 1.

2. preposition /eɪ,æɪ,æ/
a) In, on, at, by.

A God’s name.

b) In the process of; in the act of; into; to.

Torn a pieces.

3. verb /eɪ,æɪ,æ/

I shoulda stayed at home last night.

4. pronoun /eɪ,æɪ,æ/
He; she; it; they.

a’ brushes his hat o’ mornings.

5. interjection /eɪ,æɪ,æ/
A meaningless syllable; ah.

A merry heart goes all the day

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