base over apex

base over apex
falling over in a jumbled heap.

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  • base over apex — Phrs. Head over heels, upside down. E.g. His front wheel hit a rock on the road and he went base over apex …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • Base over apex — fallen heavily and awkwardly, usually in a forward direction …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • base over apex — Australian Slang fallen heavily and awkwardly, usually in a forward direction …   English dialects glossary

  • go base over apex — Vrb phrs. To fall head over heels, to go upside down …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • base — I. /beɪs / (say bays) noun 1. the bottom of anything, considered as its support; that on which a thing stands or rests. 2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis. 3. Architecture a. the part of a column on which the shaft… …  

  • over — 1. adjective /ˈəʊ.və(ɹ),ˈoʊ.vɚ/ a) Finished; ended or concluded. The show is over. b) (as a prefix): To excess. He is over zealous. 2. adverb /ˈəʊ.və(ɹ),ˈoʊ.vɚ/ …   Wiktionary

  • APEX system — APEX stands for Additive system of Photographic EXposure, whichwas proposed in the 1960 ASA standardfor monochrome film speed, ASA PH2.5 1960,as a means of simplifying exposure computation.Exposure equationUntil the late 1960s, cameras did not… …   Wikipedia

  • base — n Base, basis, foundation, ground, groundwork are comparable when meaning something on which another thing is reared or built or by which it is supported or fixed in place. Base may be applied to the lowest part or bottom of something without… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • head over heels — adverb a) Tumbling upside down. She tripped and rolled head over heels down the hill. b) At top speed; frantically. Hearing the noise in the dark, the children ran head over heels back home. Syn …   Wiktionary

  • arse over tit — adverb Tumbling; falling; upside down; unstable or unbalanced. I missed the step and went arse over tit. Syn: head over heels, base over apex …   Wiktionary

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