resonance effect

resonance effect

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  • resonance effect — mezomerijos efektas statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Elektronų tankio persiskirstymas konjuguotosiose π elektronų ir kitose sistemose. atitikmenys: angl. conjugation effect; mesomeric effect; mesomerism; resonance effect rus. мезомерный… …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • resonance — [rez′ə nəns] n. [LME resonnaunce < MFr resonance < L resonantia, an echo] 1. the quality or state of being resonant 2. reinforcement and prolongation of a sound or musical tone by reflection or by sympathetic vibration of other bodies 3. a) …   English World dictionary

  • Resonance — This article is about resonance in physics. For other uses, see Resonance (disambiguation). Resonant redirects here. For the phonological term, see Sonorant. Increase of amplitude as damping decreases and frequency approaches resonant frequency… …   Wikipedia

  • Resonance (chemistry) — For other uses, see Resonance (disambiguation). Two of the contributing structures of nitrogen dioxide In chemistry, resonance or mesomerism [1] is a way of describing delocalized electrons within certain molecules or …   Wikipedia

  • resonance — The energetic vibration of a body produced by application of a periodic force of nearly the same frequency as that of the free vibration of the affected body. It is the condition of two bodies adjusted to have the same frequency of vibration.… …   Aviation dictionary

  • resonance — UK [ˈrezənəns] / US noun Word forms resonance : singular resonance plural resonances 1) [countable/uncountable] an emotional effect produced by something that reminds you of something else This is an anniversary that has great resonance for… …   English dictionary

  • resonance — res|o|nance [ rezənəns ] noun 1. ) uncount if a sound has resonance, it is deep and clear and continues for a long time 2. ) count or uncount an emotional effect produced by something that reminds you of something else: This is an anniversary… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • effect — The result or consequence of an action. [L. efficio, pp. effectus, to accomplish, fr. facio, to do] abscopal e. a reaction produced following irradiation but occurring outside the zone of actual radiation absorption. additive e. an e. wherein two …   Medical dictionary

  • resonance —    A prolonged, subtle, or stimulating effect beyond the initial impact. Something resonates either when it stays in one s memory, or when its juxtaposition to another thing has such an effect. Also see aesthetic experience, edge, frisson, and… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • Mesomeric effect — See also: Resonance (chemistry) +M effect of a methoxy group in an ether …   Wikipedia

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