pinch a loaf

pinch a loaf

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  • pinch a loaf — vb American to defecate. The phrases are part of male toilet talk …   Contemporary slang

  • pinch a loaf — Verb. To defecate, to void one s bowels …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • pinch off a loaf — [B] have a bowel movement, drop a log    Where were you? In the can, pinching off a loaf …   English idioms

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  • defecate — verb /ˈdɛfɪkeɪt,ˈdɛfəkeɪt/ a) To purify, to clean of dregs etc. Some are of opinion that such fat, standing waters make the best beer, and that seething doth defecate it [...]. b) To purge; to pass (something) as excrement. Syn: crap, drite …   Wiktionary

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