Any of a family of proteins found in nerve tissue

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  • Neurexin — A neurexin (NRXN) is a presynaptic protein that helps to glue together neurons at the synapse.[1] Neurexins are type I membrane proteins that can be classified into two types, α NRXNs and β NRXNs. The α NRXNs are larger and have different amino… …   Wikipedia

  • neurexin — Synaptic cell surface proteins related to alpha latrotoxin receptor, laminin and agrin. At least 180 transcripts from at least two genes. Cell recognition molecules at nerve terminal …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • NRXN1 — Neurexin 1 PDB rendering based on 1c4r …   Wikipedia

  • NRXN3 — Neurexin 3 Identifiers Symbols NRXN3; C14orf60; KIAA0743; MGC176711 External IDs OMI …   Wikipedia

  • NRXN2 — Neurexin 2 Identifiers Symbols NRXN2; FLJ40892; KIAA0921 External IDs OMIM:  …   Wikipedia

  • NLGN1 — Neuroligin 1 Identifiers Symbols NLGN1; KIAA1070; MGC45115; NL1 External IDs OMIM …   Wikipedia

  • CNTNAP2 — Contactin associated protein like 2 Identifiers Symbols CNTNAP2; AUTS15; CASPR2; CDFE; DKFZp781D1846; NRXN4; PTHSL1 External IDs …   Wikipedia

  • Neuroligin — Tertiary structure of Neuroligin 4. [1] Neuroligin (NLGN), a type I membrane protein, is a protein on the postsynaptic membrane that mediates synapse formation between neurons. Neuroligins mediate signaling across the synapse and affect the… …   Wikipedia

  • Нейрексин-1 — Обозначения Символы NRXN1 Entrez Gene …   Википедия

  • Eukaryotic transcription — is more complex than prokaryotic transcription. For instance, in eukaryotes the genetic material (DNA), and therefore transcription, is primarily localized to the nucleus, where it is separated from the cytoplasm (in which translation occurs) by… …   Wikipedia

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