Exhibiting neurodiversity; varying in mental configuration.

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  • Neurodiversity — is a controversial concept [that] ... regards atypical neurological development as a normal human difference .[1] According to Jaarsma and Welin (2011), the neurodiversity movement was developed in the 1990s by online groups of (high functioning) …   Wikipedia

  • Developmental Adult Neurodiversity Association — The Developmental Adult Neurodiversity Association (DANDA)[1] is a UK based organisation run by and for the neurodiverse, such as people with dyspraxia, AD(H)D, Asperger syndrome, autism and dyslexia. Mary Colley helped from DANDA, which… …   Wikipedia

  • neurodiversity — (noo.roh.di.VUR.suh.tee, dy.VUR.suh.tee) n. The variety of non debilitating neurological behaviors and abilities exhibited by the human race. Also: neuro diversity. neurodiverse adj. Example Citations: But in a new kind of disabilities movement,… …   New words

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