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  • Izhorians — The Izhorians (sg. ižoralaine , inkeroine , ižora ), along with the Votes are an indigenous people of Ingria. They can still be found in the Western part of Ingria, between the Narva and Neva rivers.The history of Izhorians is bounded to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Ingria — This article is about the region in the Baltic. For the Italian municipality, see Ingria, Piedmont. Ingria and the Lutheran parishes in the Saint Petersburg Governorate ca. 1900.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Toksovo — ( ru. Токсово; fi. Toksova) is an urban type settlement in Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia, located twenty kilometers to the north of St. Petersburg on Karelian Isthmus. It is served by two neighbouring stations of the Saint… …   Wikipedia

  • Ingrian — can refer to:*Of or pertaining to the region of Ingria *The Ingrians, which can refer to: **Ingrian Finns, descendants of Finnish immigrants to Ingria in the 17th century **Izhorians, an indigenous people of Ingria *The Ingrian language (also… …   Wikipedia

  • Military history of Leningrad Oblast during World War II — which replaced the Ingria (Ingermanland) after a temporary autonomy during the 1920s and 1930s, documents the level of destruction suffering during World War II by its infrastructure and population. Initial period of warOn 27 June 1941 the… …   Wikipedia

  • Finnish-Novgorodian wars — were a series of poorly documented conflicts that took place between unspecified Finnic groups and the Republic of Novgorod from the 11th or 12th century to early 13th century. The wars seem to have contributed to the eventual Swedish conquest of …   Wikipedia

  • Ethnic groups in Europe — See Demography of Europe for population statistics. The ethnic groups in Europe are the various ethnic groups that reside in the nations of Europe. European ethnology is the field of anthropology focusing on Europe. Pan and Pfeil (2004) count 87… …   Wikipedia

  • Finnish–Novgorodian wars — The Finnish–Novgorodian wars[citation needed] were a series of conflicts that took place between Finnic tribes in eastern Fennoscandia called Yem , and the Republic of Novgorod from the 11th or 12th century to early 13th century. The wars seem to …   Wikipedia

  • Demographics of Estonia — The demographics of Estonia in the twenty first century are the result of historical trends over more than a thousand years, just as for most European countries, but have been disproportionately affected by events in the last half of the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of lists of ethnic groups — The following is a list of lists of ethnic groups: By region * Africa ** North Africa ** Horn of Africa ** Sub Saharan Africa * Americas (indigenous) ** Brazil ** USA *** Alaska *** Hawaii ** Canada * Asia ** Southeast Asia *** Vietnam *** Laos… …   Wikipedia

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