noun /ˈkɑːdbɔːd/
A wood-based material resembling heavy paper, used in the manufacture of boxes and signs.

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  • cardboard — [kärd′bôrd΄] n. a material made of paper pulp but thicker and stiffer than paper; pasteboard: used for making cards, boxes, etc. adj. 1. of or like cardboard 2. a) insubstantial or flimsy [a cardboard empire] b) superficial or shallow [cardboard… …   English World dictionary

  • Cardboard — is a generic non specific term for a heavy duty paper based product. PaperboardPaperboard is a paper based material. It is often used for folding cartons, set up boxes, carded packaging, etc.Corrugated fiberboardCorrugated fiberboard is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Cardboard — Card board (k[aum]rd b[=o]rd ), n. A stiff compact pasteboard of various qualities, for making cards, etc., often having a polished surface. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cardboard — 1848, from CARD (Cf. card) (n.) + BOARD (Cf. board) (n.1). Figurative sense is from 1893. An earlier word for the same stuff was card paper (1777) …   Etymology dictionary

  • cardboard — ► NOUN 1) pasteboard or stiff paper. 2) (before another noun ) (of a fictional character) lacking depth and realism …   English terms dictionary

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  • cardboard — card|board1 [ kard,bɔrd ] noun uncount * very stiff thick paper, used especially for making boxes cardboard card|board 2 [ kard,bɔrd ] adjective 1. ) only before noun not seeming very real: a movie full of cardboard characters 2. ) made of… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • cardboard — 1 noun (U) a stiff brown material like very thick paper, used especially for making boxes: We covered the hole with a sheet of cardboard. 2 adjective 1 made from cardboard: a cardboard box 2 (only before noun) seeming silly and not real: a… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • cardboard — /kahrd bawrd , bohrd /, n. 1. a thin, stiff pasteboard, used for signs, boxes, etc. adj. 2. resembling cardboard, esp. in flimsiness: an apartment with cardboard walls. 3. not fully lifelike; shallow; two dimensional: a play with cardboard… …   Universalium

  • cardboard — [[t]kɑ͟ː(r)dbɔː(r)d[/t]] N UNCOUNT: oft N n Cardboard is thick, stiff paper that is used, for example, to make boxes and models. ...a cardboard box. size cardboard cut outs of men wielding shotguns …   English dictionary

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