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  • vapoury — /ˈveɪpəri/ (say vaypuhree) adjective 1. → vaporous. 2. → vapourish. Also, vapory …  

  • vapoury — vāˈpoury adjective 1. Full of vapour 2. Affected with the vapours • • • Main Entry: ↑vapour …   Useful english dictionary

  • Qiulong — (zh stpw |s=虬龙|t=虯龍|p= qíulóng |w= ch iu lung ; lit. curling dragon ) or qiu was a Chinese dragon that is contradictorily defined as horned dragon and hornless dragon .NameThis Chinese dragon name can be pronounced qiu or jiu and written 虯 or… …   Wikipedia

  • guerrilla warfare — the use of hit and run tactics by small, mobile groups of irregular forces operating in territory controlled by a hostile, regular force. [1835 45] * * * ▪ military tactics Introduction also spelled  guerilla warfare        type of warfare fought …   Universalium

  • batiste — noun /bəˈtiːst/ A fine cloth made from cotton or linen; cambric. Clad in a Persian Renaissance gown and a widows tiara of white batiste, Mrs Thoroughfare, in all the ferment of a Marriage Christening, left her chamber on vapoury autumn day and… …   Wiktionary

  • ARTHUR SEAT —    a lion shaped hill 822 ft., close to Edinburgh on the E., from the top of which the prospect is unrivalled; the blue, majestic, everlasting ocean, with the Fife hills swelling gradually into the Grampians behind it on the N.; rough crags and… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • vapour — (US vapor) noun 1》 a substance diffused or suspended in the air.     ↘Physics a gaseous substance that can be liquefied by pressure alone. Compare with gas. 2》 (the vapours) dated sudden faintness or nervousness. verb talk in a vacuous or pompous …   English new terms dictionary

  • vapory — /ˈveɪpəri/ (say vaypuhree) adjective → vapoury …  

  • scud — v. & n. v.intr. (scudded, scudding) 1 fly or run straight, fast, and lightly; skim along. 2 Naut. run before the wind. n. 1 a spell of scudding. 2 a scudding motion. 3 vapoury driving clouds. 4 a driving shower; a gust. 5 wind blown spray.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • vapour — n. & v. (US vapor) n. 1 moisture or another substance diffused or suspended in air, e.g. mist or smoke. 2 Physics a gaseous form of a normally liquid or solid substance (cf. GAS). 3 a medicinal agent for inhaling. 4 (in pl.) archaic a state of… …   Useful english dictionary

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