The construction and use of catadioptric lenses and systems

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  • Catadioptrics — Cat a*di*op trics, n. The science which treats of catadioptric phenomena, or of the used of catadioptric instruments. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • List of telescope types — There are three main types of optical telescopes and these are divided into subgroups. They all have their different advantages and disadvantages and they are used in different areas of astronomy.Refractors (Dioptrics) * Non achromatic *… …   Wikipedia

  • Optical telescope — Eight Inch refracting telescope (Chabot Space and Science Center) An optical telescope is a telescope which is used to gather and focus light mainly from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum for directly viewing a magnified image for… …   Wikipedia

  • Newtonian telescope — The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope invented by the British scientist Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727), using a concave primary mirror and a flat diagonal secondary mirror. Newton’s first reflecting telescope was completed in… …   Wikipedia

  • Backstaff — Not to be confused with Ballastella. Davis quadrant from the beginning of the 18th century The backstaff or back quadrant is a navigational instrument that was used to measure the altitude of a celestial body, in particular the sun or moon. When… …   Wikipedia

  • Dioptrics — is the study of the refraction of light, especially by lenses. Telescopes that create their image with an objective that is a convex lens (refractors) are said to be dioptric telescopes. An early study of dioptrics was conducted by Ptolemy in… …   Wikipedia

  • Skygazing — is the act of observing the sky for pleasure or with an astronomical interest. Amateur astronomy observations are generally accomplished with the naked eye or with basic optical aids. Simple naked eye observations of the sky can reveal a great… …   Wikipedia

  • Catoptrics — deals with the phenomena of reflected light and image forming optical systems using mirrors. From the Greek κατοπτρικός (specular) [ A Concise Dictionary of the English and Modern Greek Languages by Antonius Nicholas Jannaris, 1895 J. Murray]… …   Wikipedia

  • Octant (instrument) — Octant. This instrument, labelled Crichton London, Sold by J Berry, Aberdeen, appears to have an ebony frame with ivory scale, vernier and signature plate. The index arm and mirror supports are brass. Rather than use a sighting telescope, this… …   Wikipedia

  • Elton's quadrant — An Elton s quadrant is a derivative of the Davis quadrant. It adds an index arm and artificial horizon to the instrument. It was invented by John Elton a sea captain who patentedhis design in 1728Bennett, Jim, Catadioptrics and commerce in… …   Wikipedia

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