An “-type” clearing and licensing operation under the statute would involve too much “administrativia,” said Dr. [Harold E.] Wigren — coining a word the subcommittee immediately wanted to put into the public domain.

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  • paperwork — noun A clerical task or set of tasks involving routine written work; busy work; red tape. Syn: administrativia, administrivia, busy work, red tape …   Wiktionary

  • administrivia — noun Administrative details that must be dealt with in order to do more interesting work. Administrivia take up two hours of every day. Syn: administrativia, paperwork, red tape …   Wiktionary

  • red tape — noun A derisive term for regulations or bureaucratic procedures that are considered excessive or excessively time and effort consuming. All the red tape and paperwork that goes on there prevents any progress. Syn: administrivia, administrativia,… …   Wiktionary

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