noun /nɛb/
a) A birds beak or bill.
b) A persons nose.

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  • Neb — (n[e^]b), n. [AS. nebb head, face; akin to D. neb, Icel. nef, beak of a bird, nose, Dan. n[ae]b beak, bill, Sw. n[ a]bb, n[ a]f, and prob. also to D. sneb, snavel, bill, beak, G. schnabel, Dan. & Sw. snabel, and E. snap. Cf. {Nib}, {Snap},… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • neb — [neb] n. [ME < OE nebb, akin to MDu nebbe, ON nef] [Now Dial., Chiefly Brit.] Chiefly Brit. Now Dial. 1. a) the bill of a bird b) the snout of an animal 2. the nose or mouth of a person 3. a projecting end or point; nib; tip …   English World dictionary

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  • neb — (n.) beak or bill of a bird, O.E. nebb beak, nose; face, countenance; beak shaped thing, common Germanic (Cf. O.N. nef beak, nose, M.Du. nebbe beak, O.H.G. snabul, Ger. Schnabel beak, O.Fris. snavel mouth ), of uncertain origin …   Etymology dictionary

  • neb — n. beak of a bird; point, tip; nose (especially of an animal) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • neb — *bill, beak, nib …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

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