bracket creep

bracket creep
Increased taxation arising from wage and salary increases pushing taxpayers into higher tax brackets, or further into such brackets, in a progressive taxation system. The wage rises here are those from keeping pace with inflation or similar (not increased skills or better jobs) so a worker merely doing the same thing for the same notional purchasing power is taxed at a higher rate.
Syn: fiscal drag

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  • bracket creep — ☆ bracket creep n. Informal an advance into a higher income tax bracket resulting from an increase in nominal income: the higher taxes, when combined with the effects of inflation, may produce a decline in real income …   English World dictionary

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  • bracket creep — /ˈbrækət krip/ (say brakuht kreep) noun the gradual shift, as a result of inflation, of an income subject to a progressive income tax, from one tax bracket to another where more tax is paid despite the real level of the income (its purchasing… …  

  • bracket creep —  The tendency of inflation to push people into higher tax brackets.  ► “There was a huge but unlegislated hike in effective marginal tax rates in 1970– 1980. This was because of bracket creep the collision of inflation with a steeply progressive… …   American business jargon

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