Of, pertaining to, or composed of submodules

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  • Cooperative game — This article is about a part of game theory. For video gaming, see Cooperative gameplay. For the similar feature in some board games, see cooperative board game In game theory, a cooperative game is a game where groups of players ( coalitions )… …   Wikipedia

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  • Normalized Systems — is a theory to design and engineer information systems exhibiting proven evolvability. Originally established at the University of Antwerp, at the department Management Information Systems of the faculty Applied Economics, it aims at re creating… …   Wikipedia

  • Linear programming — (LP, or linear optimization) is a mathematical method for determining a way to achieve the best outcome (such as maximum profit or lowest cost) in a given mathematical model for some list of requirements represented as linear relationships.… …   Wikipedia

  • Conditional random field — A conditional random field (CRF) is a statistical modelling method often applied in pattern recognition. More specifically it is a type of discriminative undirected probabilistic graphical model. It is used to encode known relationships between… …   Wikipedia

  • Fonction sous-modulaire — Les fonctions sous modulaires jouent un rôle important en optimisation combinatoire. Dans ce contexte il s agit de sous modularité sur des fonctions d ensemble, c est à dire des fonctions de l ensemble des parties d un ensemble (que l on peut… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Fulkerson-Preis — Der Fulkerson Preis ist ein von der Mathematical Programming Society (MPS) und der American Mathematical Society (AMS) alle drei Jahre vergebener Preis für außergewöhnliche Arbeiten in diskreter Mathematik, worunter zum Beispiel Kombinatorik und… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Supermodular — In mathematics, a function:fcolon R^k o Ris supermodular if:f(x lor y) + f(x land y) geq f(x) + f(y)for all x , y isin R k , where x vee y denotes the componentwise maximum and x wedge y the componentwise minimum of x and y .If − f is… …   Wikipedia

  • Preferred number — In industrial design, preferred numbers (also called preferred values) are standard guidelines for choosing exact product dimensions within a given set of constraints. Product developers must choose numerous lengths, distances, diameters, volumes …   Wikipedia

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