sponge cake

sponge cake
A light, soft, baked dessert (commonly layered with cream and jam) that is typically made with flour, sugar, baking powder and eggs.

I made a sponge cake the other day. It was a disaster: I forgot the baking powder! It didnt rise!

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  • Sponge cake — is a cake based on flour (usually wheat flour), sugar, and eggs, sometimes leavened with baking powder, Be Ro flour Home recipes 40th edition ] Delia Smith s Book of Cakes Sixth Impression 1981. ] that derives its structure from an egg foam into… …   Wikipedia

  • Sponge cake — Sponge Sponge (sp[u^]nj), n. [OF. esponge, F. [ e]ponge, L. spongia, Gr. spoggia , spo ggos. Cf. {Fungus}, {Spunk}.] [Formerly written also {spunge}.] 1. (Zo[ o]l.) Any one of numerous species of Spongi[ae], or Porifera. See Illust. and Note… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sponge|cake — sponge cake, or sponge|cake «SPUHNJ KAYK», noun. a light, spongy cake made with eggs, sugar, and flour, but no shortening …   Useful english dictionary

  • sponge cake — sponge cakes N VAR A sponge cake is a very light cake made from flour, eggs, and sometimes fat …   English dictionary

  • sponge cake — n [U and C] a light cake made from flour, sugar, butter and eggs …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • sponge cake — sponge ,cake noun count or uncount a very light type of cake made with flour, eggs, and sugar …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • sponge cake — sponge′ cake n. coo a light, sweet cake containing eggs but no shortening • Etymology: 1795–1805 …   From formal English to slang

  • sponge cake — noun a light porous cake made with eggs and flour and sugar without shortening • Hypernyms: ↑cake • Hyponyms: ↑angel cake, ↑angel food cake, ↑jellyroll, ↑Swiss roll, ↑Madeira cake, ↑Madeira spon …   Useful english dictionary

  • sponge cake — UK / US noun [countable/uncountable] Word forms sponge cake : singular sponge cake plural sponge cakes a very light type of cake made with flour, eggs, and sugar …   English dictionary

  • sponge cake — light and spongy cake without shortening, tort, stirred or mixed cake …   English contemporary dictionary

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