A protease inhibitor that also inhibits calpain

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  • Leupeptin — Leupeptin, also known as N acetyl L leucyl L leucyl L argininal, is a protease inhibitor that also acts as an inhibitor of calpain.It is often used during in vitro experiments when a specific enzymatic reaction is being studied. When cells are… …   Wikipedia

  • leupeptin — Family of modified tripeptide protease inhibitors. Commonest is N acetyl Leu Leu argininal …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • leupeptin — One of a number of modified tripeptide protease inhibitors from Streptomyces species that inhibits cathepsin B, papain, trypsin, plasmin, and cathepsin D. The most commonly used l. is N acetylleucylleucylarginal. * * * leu·pep·tin lü pep tən …   Medical dictionary

  • Lipofuscin — Micrograph showing lipofuscin in a liver biopsy with ground glass hepatocytes. H E stain. Lipofuscin is the name given to finely granular yellow brown pigment granules[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Protease inhibitor (biology) — In biology and biochemistry, protease inhibitors are molecules that inhibit the function of peptidases (old name: protease , hence the term protease inhibitor ). Many naturally occurring protease inhibitors are proteins.In medicine, protease… …   Wikipedia

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