• 101Frame Work. Honour and Ornament in Italian Renaissance Art , Wright Alison (2019)
    "My husband Jan finished me on 17 June 1439... My age was 33 years" . So speaks Margaret van Eyck from the frame of her portrait. This painted inscription honors its maker Jan van Eyck, even as it… 5938 руб

  • 102International Sports Law. Textbook for Bachelor Students , Zakharova Larisa I.; ed. by Bekyashev K.A.
    The Textbook was prepared in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Education as applied to specialisation 40.03.01“Jurisprudence” (Bachelor (degree) qualification) and… 304 руб

  • 103Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka 2 , Urasawa Naoki
    In a distant future where sentient humanoid robots pass for human, someone or some thing is out to destroy the seven great robots of the world. Europol’s top detective Gesicht is assigned to… 912 руб

  • 104The Vishnu Purana , H.H. Wilson (2011)
    The Vishnu Purana. A system of Hindu mythology and tradition. Translated from the original sanskrit, and illustrated by notes derived chiefly from other puranas, by the late H. H. Wilson, edited by… 1244 грн (только Украина)